All 4 series of tailwalk full range! Affordable and high spec!

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What is Tailwalk Full Range?

Tailwalk full range is a rod series released by Tailwalk, mainly targeting bass. As the name suggests, the rich lineup that can capture every range with one full range series is a selling point.


Another feature is that most of the models are relatively reasonably priced for their performance, with the manufacturer's suggested retail price of 20,000 yen or less. Previously, it was only a rod, but since the spring of 2017, a reel model has also been released.

tailwalk full range

It is a full-range basic model. Four new models were launched in 2017. Actions are available from UL to XXH, so it can handle lures with a wide range of weights from 1/32 to 5.5 oz depending on the model.


Most models are 1-piece rods, and some 2-piece rods are also bad joints, so the length of closing is long and portability is somewhat difficult.


Tailwalk Full Range 10th Anniversary

It was released as a limited model in 2016 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tailwalk. There are two models, C75SXH and C80H/CC. The C75SXH is a super big bait rod that can cast 10oz heavyweight lures, but it weighs only 205g and is very easy to handle.


C80H/CC is a 2-piece rod with a short closing dimension. The lure that can be handled is lighter than MAX2.5oz and C75SXH, but the long length of 8ft makes it excellent for long casting.

Tailwalk full range C80H/CC

Tailwalk full range CC

CC means center cut, and since the joint part is in the middle of the rod, the closing dimension is about 100 cm, which is excellent for portability.

Tailwalk full range CC

Tailwalk full range (reel)

It is a full-range reel model with right-hand drive released in April 2017 and left-hand drive released in May. Currently, there are two types of specs, 81R/L and 66R/L, which differ in that the gear ratio is 8.1:1 and 6.6:1, and the winding amount is 86cm and 70cm respectively.

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It weighs 168g and is very light and easy to handle. It is a highly versatile reel that can be used not only for buses but also for salt water with 10 + 1 anti-rust ball bearings.

tailwalk full range

Start bass fishing with the full range of Tailwalk!

The full range of Tailwalk can respond to various situations and strategies with one series. The reel model will be lifted from this spring, and further enhancement of the lineup is expected in the future.


How about exploring the charm of deep bass fishing from beginners to veterans using a full range that is reasonably priced and easy to handle?