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What kind of fish is rockfish?

What kind of fish is rockfish? Let's take a look at the types of rockfish and the characteristics of the field where the game is established.

types of rockfish

What kinds of rockfish are there?

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"Rockfish" is "root fish" in Japanese. The words "rock" and "root" mean rocky areas, and rockfish are basically fish that live in rocky areas on the ocean floor.


Scorpion fish is the most familiar and representative fish, but there are also grouper fish such as pheasant grouper and grouper, and rockfish such as longtooth grouper, which is known as a super-luxury fish.


In addition, greenling and soi, which are abundant in the Tohoku region, are also classified as rockfish, and there are so many types of rockfish that it is impossible to list them all.

Rockfish game field

Rockfish game field

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As mentioned above, rockfish live in rocky areas on the seabed, but large rockfish may hide in rocky areas with abundant food and good currents. Even if it is not a rocky place, Gaps between paving stones around breakwaters and gaps between tetrapodsIt is often used as a home, and it is an easy point to aim for when fishing.


In a deep, flat place where the seabed is sandy and almost unchanged, there is a high possibility that large rockfish are lurking in the point where a small rock is stuck, and it is also a target for boat fishing. increase.


Rockfish games can be broadly divided into two

Rockfish games can basically be divided into two types. One is hard rock fish game and the other is light rock fish game. Let's take a look at each feature.

hard rock fish

Aim for the big game in the Hard Rock Fish Game!

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Hard rock fish games are generally aimed at relatively large targets such as pheasant groupers and groupers. In order to aim for large root fish, a slightly heavy metal jig, large jig head + worm, etc. are used, so the tackle also needs to be powerful.


It is a very exciting genre of fishing that can make a game with both spinning tackle and bait tackle. Games that target large greenlings in the Tohoku region are basically classified as hard rock fish.

light rock fish

Easy to enjoy light rock fish

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The light rock fish game is a game that aims at relatively small targets such as rockfish and rockfish.


A lot of dedicated tackles are released from each manufacturer. It is necessary to have a tackle that has both the delicacy to catch small bites and the power to catch the strong thrusts unique to root fish.


Small jig heads + worms and lightweight metal jigs are often used, but in the case of rockfish, plug-type lures are also often used.


Rockfish rod features and how to choose

From here, let's take a look at the characteristics of rockfish rods and how to choose them.

Bait or spinning

bait rod

bait rock fish rod

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Rockfish rods have many bait rod lineups. A bait rod matches fishing methods that hit multiple points more quickly than situations that require long casts.


There is a risk of line trouble such as backlash, but once you get used to it Easier to control lures when casting than spinning rodsTherefore, you can efficiently search for breaks several meters away and rockfish lurking in the roots.


Also, when you want to fall in the middle of the action, you don't have to return the veil like spinning, you can easily pull out the fall action with one touch, and it is very convenient when exploring the bottom area in detail.

spinning rod

What are the benefits of spinning rockfish rods?

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Spinning rods, which are used by relatively many people, are more difficult than bait tackles. Very few line troublesTherefore, it is useful in games that use a thin line or games that require a long flight distance.


Although there are disadvantages such as the lack of power like bait tackles and the trouble of returning the veil when inserting a fall action, anyone can easily enjoy it from light rock fish games to hard rock fish games without trouble. It can be said that it is a very versatile rod.

rockfish rod length

Choosing the length of a rockfish rod

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Rockfish rods are available in various length models, but as a guideline, Based on 8ftIt is considered appropriate to consider


It is better to choose a rod that is slightly longer than 8ft for rocky shores with high footing, breakwaters, and fields that require a long flight distance. On the other hand, choosing a relatively short rod will bring advantages in terms of maneuverability and handling in flat places with low footing, harbor areas, and rockfish games from boats.


Of course, when choosing a rod, we recommend that you actually hold it in your hand as much as possible and check the length that suits you before purchasing.

Rockfish rod hardness (power)

How hard is a rockfish rod?

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When choosing the hardness (power) of a rockfish rod, it is important to consider what your target is. If you want to aim for various root fish as almighty, M (medium) for spinning rods, MH (medium heavy) for bait rodsIt is recommended that you consider the .


If you are aiming for a relatively large fish, choose MH (medium-heavy) to H (heavy) hardness above this standard, and if you often fish in a field where there are many small ones, you can use a slightly softer ML ( You can use medium light) or L (light).


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Also, regarding rockfish, there are many dedicated rockfish rods released by each manufacturer, so you can choose from them.

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rockfish rod weight

Weight is also important for rockfish rods

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Lighter rods are easier to handle and popular in any genre, but in rockfish games, there are many situations where you have to forcefully interact with each other, so simply choosing a light rod is not a wise choice. I can't say.


The best rods are those that are lightweight yet have the repulsive force and torque of blanks. Even so, when targeting large rockfish, it is safe to choose a rod that emphasizes power even if it is a little heavy.


If you are a light rock fish game, choose the rod that best suits your style while checking the light weight.

Rockfish rod portability

Rockfish rods are convenient for multi-pieces that are easy to run gun

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As a good way to choose a rockfish rod, it is also necessary to consider the portability of the rod. The points where good rock fish can be caught are not only places that can be easily approached, but there are also many points such as rocky shores that are difficult to access by walking on steep mountain roads.


Also, in places where points are scattered, it is necessary to use your feet to catch fish in a run-and-gun style, so the portability of the rod is a very important factor. Recently, pack rods for rockfish that have strong strength are also attracting attention, and are recommended as a choice.


10 recommended rock fish rods by type

Let's take a look at the top 10 recommended rockfish rods. Although some lights are included, we will mainly introduce hard rock fish rods by type, so please refer to them.

Top 5 recommended bait type rock fish rods

TOP1. Shimano Hard Rocker B76

Shimano's 7.6ft rockfish rod that is very easy to handle.


The lure weight is 12 to 48g, and you can aim for medium to large rockfish using metal jigs and jig head rigs. The blanks wrapped in high power X firmly catch the strong thrust of root fish.

Shimano Hard Rocker B76H

TOP2. Major Craft Solpara Hard Rock SPX-762MH/B

This is the bait model of the popular rock fish rod "Solpara Hard Rock" released by Major Craft.


As a rod with good cost performance that can be purchased at a very reasonable price, it has received tremendous support from many anglers. With a hardness of MH at 7.6ft, it is a very versatile rod that can handle a wide range of targets such as grouper fish, soy and greenling.

TOP3. Abu Garcia Salty Stage KR-X Rockfish Mobile 3 SXRC-883EXH-KR

Abu Garcia's 3-piece mobile rod gives anglers a big advantage in terms of portability.


Although it is a 3-piece, it has both powerful torque and good sensitivity, and it is a rod that has the performance required to stoically aim for good rockfish.

Abu Garcia Salty Stage KR-X Rockfish Mobile 3 SXRC-883EXH-KR


Jackal's "GSW-C72MH+" is a bait model rockfish rod that can handle lures up to 56g and is powerful enough to be used for octopus games.


Since the length is short at 7.2ft, it is a model that is perfect for fields with good footing that do not require much length, and for rockfish games from boats.

TOP5. Shimano Hard Rocker BB B76MH

Taking advantage of the easy-to-handle 7.6ft length, this model is suitable for pilots to efficiently explore a wide range while casting long distances. The price range is also reasonable, and it is recommended as the first one for beginners.


It also has a very powerful bat that firmly catches the thrust of root fish, and it is a finish that will satisfy even veteran anglers.

Total length (m): 2.29
Joint number (book): 2
Close (cm): 118.4
Own weight (g): 140
Lure weight (g): 10-40
Applicable line (No.): MAX2

Spinning type rock fish rod recommended TOP 5

TOP1. Daiwa HRF 810MHS

Daiwa's spinning type rockfish rod that allows you to cast a relatively light rig long distance and invite good sized fish at untouched points.


By adopting Daiwa's original "high density HVF carbon" and "braiding X" tightened in an X shape with carbon tape, it is a rod with very torque.

TOP2. SHIMANO Hard Rocker XR S910H

A long rockfish rod with a total length of about 3m. The strength of the spinning model and the ultra-long casting performance that makes use of this long length are the major features of this rod, and it can cover ranges that other tackles cannot reach.


It is a model with excellent lightness and sensitivity, but it also has the power to freely manipulate lures up to 40g.

TOP3. Abu Garcia Eradicator Rock Sweeper ERSS-811MH ARTISTA

It is a rod that uses ultra-high-elasticity nano carbon, and maintains a very high level of both lightness and power. Torzite ring guides with a titanium frame are also used for the guides, which greatly contributes to the weight reduction of the entire rod.


The length is also set to 8.11ft, so it is a rod that can be used not only for accurate pinpoint shots, but also for long distance casting and searching.

TOP4. Major Craft 3rd Generation Crostage Root Fish CRX-762ML/S

A popular major craft rockfish with a flexible tip that allows you to cast a lightweight lure and manipulate it freely, and a strong butt that allows you to fight with ease even when a good target is hit. It's a rod.


It is a rod that is loved by a wide range of anglers from beginners to veterans because it can be purchased at a very low price while having such performance.

TOP5. Abu Garcia Salty Style Rockfish STRS-802MH-KR

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It is a very well-balanced rod with 8ft length and MH power.


It is a model that can use a wide range of lures and rigs, such as lightweight lures, metal jigs up to 30g, and rigs using heavy sinkers. Sensitivity, lightness, and power of blanks are also brought together to a perfect level.


Types and numbers of reels to match rockfish rods

After choosing a rockfish rod, it is also necessary to choose a reel that matches it. Now, let's take a look at the types and numbers of reels that match rockfish rods.

Bait reel

Baitcasting reels for rockfish rods

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Baitcasting reels inevitably come with the problem of line trouble called backlash. In rockfish games, lightweight rigs weighing around 5g are often used, and if backlash occurs at this time, the assembly of the game itself will be greatly affected.


In order to prevent this, it is necessary to have a strong braking system such as a centrifugal brake or magnetic brake and a lightweight spool.


In addition, when aiming for a large size, a relatively thick PE line of around 1.5 to 2 may be used, but it is also important to choose a line that can secure the line capacity of the spool. if possible, 1.5~2 PE line about 150mChoose one that has the capacity to roll.

Gear ratio: 8.1
Maximum drag force (kg): 5.5
Own weight (g): 195
Winding length (cm): 86
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 1.5-180, 2-150
Fluoro thread winding amount (lb-m): 14-100, 16-85

spinning reel

Spinning reel for rockfish

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As a spinning reel used in light rock fish games, Around 2500It is a good idea to prepare the following items.


In order to operate a lightweight rig, thin PE line of No. 1 or less is often used, so it is better to choose a spool number that can wind at least 150m of that thickness. Of course, if your main focus is short-distance games that don't require long throws, you can use less line capacity than that.


As a spinning tackle used in hard rock fish games, around 4000reel is recommended. As the PE line will also use thicker ones such as 1.5 and 2 more frequently, it is necessary to have a line capacity that can secure a main line of that thickness of 150m or more.


Also, if it is a club of this level, you can rest assured that it also has a certain amount of drag power. Furthermore, in order to advance the fight with the root fish, if possible, instead of the normal gear, a long winding length should be used. High gear specificationWe also recommend that you choose the

Gear ratio: 6.4
Maximum drag force (kg): 9.0
Weight (g): 225
Winding length (cm): 94
PE thread winding amount (No. -m): 1-400, 1.5-270, 2-200
Fluoro thread winding amount (lb-m): 2.5-160, 3-130, 4-100
Nylon thread winding amount (lb-m): 2.5-180, 3-150, 4-100

Can rockfish rods be used instead?

Can an egging rod be substituted for a rockfish rod?

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It is possible to substitute rockfish rods for other rods. In particular, there are many anglers who substitute seabass rods and egging rods. However, when substituting, it is necessary to select a casting weight and a rod power that matches the target.


If you want to enjoy the rockfish game without stress and build the game with peace of mind, it is safe and sure to use a dedicated one.


Let's use the rock fish rod properly!

Master your favorite rockfish rod

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A very thrilling piece of fishing, this rockfish game is very deep and has many different targets and methods.


Each manufacturer has released many dedicated rods with different characteristics for enjoying rockfish games. Let's use each rockfish rod well by understanding the characteristics of each.

Catch rockfish

Let's catch rockfish (root fish)! What kind of tackle and rigs are suitable?

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Features of rockfish rods