All 17 colors of Smith's Namazy! What are the four characteristics that attract catfish?

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Four characteristics of Namazy

Namaji is a catfish exclusive lure released by fishing tackle maker Smith. Let's take a look at the four characteristics of Namazy.

Invite with wobbling action

Namazy is a joint type lure, so it features a wide wobbling action. Even if you pull it slowly, it will swim firmly, so it is also effective for catfish that are not good at bites.

Appeal with sound with rattle

There is a small ball in the back of the joint so that the sound comes out. Therefore, when you pull a catfish, it will make a ticking sound and invite the catfish.

Can be equipped with a light, excellent visibility

Shooting: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Namazy has a hole for attaching a chemical light on the back. Catfish are generally caught at night, so by attaching a chemical light, you can clearly see where the lure is.

looks cute

Namaji is also characterized by its very cute appearance. It's kind of interesting to catch a catfish with a catfish-shaped lure!

Check out all 17 colors of Namazy!

Namazy is available in 17 colors in total. Please try to find your favorite color.


luminous red head


Mad black

full luminous

croquin silver

cotton candy

Metallic CL label

Smoke CL label

brown BL label

Olive WH label

bone LUM label

Glossy black LUM label

chart pink berry

crown holo

sauce black

strawberry milk


Let's catch catfish with Namaji!

Shooting: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

Various catfish lures have been released by other companies, but among them, Namazy stands out. Namazi tends to attract attention due to its unique appearance, but it is a full-fledged catfish lure with various gimmicks for catching catfish. By all means, please try using Namazy once. There is no doubt that you will be captivated by its charm.

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