All 11 types of world monsters! Suitable for a wide range of fishing!

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What is World Monster?

source:Pure Fishing Japan
World Monster is a series of rods released by fishing equipment manufacturer Abu Garcia.As the name suggests, they are monster fish rods developed for catching large fish from all over the world. First released in 2016, it became a hot topic among anglers targeting large fish, and due to its popularity, four new models were added in April 2017.

Characteristics of World Monsters

Let's check out the characteristics of World Monsters.

Pack rods are also available

In addition to the regular 1-piece World Monster, there are also 1-piece and 4-piece pack rods with a removable grip. Pack rods don't add bulk to your luggage, even when you're traveling abroad or traveling by plane. When it comes to fishing expeditions, the amount of luggage tends to increase, so we recommend the compact World Monster.

Affordable price among monster fish rods

Since rods for monster fish are intended for big fish, they tend to be expensive because they require some development and manufacturing costs, such as adding strength to the blanks. However, the World Monster is quite reasonably priced among monster fish rods. While the market price is around 40,000 to 50,000 yen, the World Monster is sold for around 20,000 yen, making it a recommended price for beginners to monster fishing.

7 models released in 2016

Introducing 7 models released in 2016. Find the rod that best suits your style.

WMonster WMCC-652M MGS

It is a general 2-piece type rod, and since the blank uses a considerable amount of glass, it is characterized by strong stickiness. Ideal for fishing with big baits, etc.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMCC-652M MGS

WMonster WMCC-6102M MGS

This is a longer model than the above model. Suitable lure weights are the same as above, but a slightly thicker line is suitable.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMCC-6102M MGS

WMonster WMCC-654M MGS

This is a 4-piece pack rod model. It is very compact with a closing size of 53cm, making it perfect for expeditions and train fishing trips. The maximum lure weight is 60g, so you can easily throw plugs aimed at large fish.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMCC-654M MGS

WMonster WMCC-66M MGS

This is the only complete one-piece model in the series. The beautiful bending curve makes it safe to fight with big fish.

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Abu Garcia World Monster WMCC-66M MGS

WMonster WMSC-762H

This is a heavy model, and it is characterized by its firmness as it uses a lot of carbon. It's nice that the grip is removable, so it maintains a nice curve and is easy to store.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMSC-762H

WMonster WMSC-792XH

This is an extra heavy model and is perfect for catching blue fish and large overseas fish such as arapaima and large catfish.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMSC-792XH

WMonster WMSC-734H

A monster specification pack rod with a maximum lure weight of 300g. With a closing size of 60cm, it's compact enough to fit into a large suitcase, making it very useful.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMSC-734H


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4 new World Monster models released in April 2017

We will also introduce four new models that will be released in April.

WMonster WMS-682ML

This is a 2-piece medium light spinning model. Although it is medium light, the maximum lure weight is 45g, so it can be used in a wide range of applications, whether freshwater or saltwater.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMS-682ML

WMonster WMS-684ML

This is a 4-piece spinning pack rod. Bait rods are the mainstream for monster fish rods, but there are many situations where you want to use spinning. This is a model that meets the needs of such anglers.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMS-684ML

WMonster WMS-774ML

This is a long model of a 4-piece pack rod. Even with a length of 7.7ft, the finished size is an astonishing 61cm. You can easily take this with you anywhere.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMS-774ML

WMonster WMC-705L

The last one is a 5-piece bait pack rod model. Since it is a light class, it has specifications that match the Japanese field. I like that it has a closed size of 46cm, so it won't be bulky even if you take it on a train.

Abu Garcia World Monster WMC-705L

3 recommended reels that match the world monsters

World Monster mainly uses fairly heavy-spec rods designed for monster fish, but what kind of reel is suitable for them? We will introduce recommended reels that go well with World Monsters.

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Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter WM50

This bait reel is perfect for fishing for super big fish. It is attractive because it has a large amount of thread that can be used for fishing for snails and casting blue objects.

Abu Garcia Revo Big Shooter WM50−L

Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400

Shimano's high-end round bait reel. It can be used for a wide range of big fish such as snakeheads and blue fish in Japan, and tomans and apirarcu for overseas.

Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400

Tailwalk Elan Super Wide Power

A cost-effective heavy tackle bait reel that comes with both a double handle and a single handle as standard. When it comes to tackle for monster fish, there are inevitably many expensive ones, but even among them, the price is quite low. This reel is highly recommended for beginners who want to learn about monster fish.

Tailwalk Elan Super Wide Power 71BR

Catch monster fish with World Monsters!

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There are many monster fish living in the world that surprise humans. In fact, Japan is also home to many world-class big fish, such as redfish, giant croaker, green fish, and itou. There are probably many anglers who would like to catch such big fish with their own hands. World Monster will strongly support you. Grab a World Monster and go fishing for monster fish!

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