Differences and proper use of 3 types of hole fishing devices! What is the remedy for rooting?

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Three devices commonly used for hole fishing

Introducing three types of tackle commonly used in ice fishing.


This is a very simple hole fishing device with a hook attached directly below a round or conical weight. Weights are basically red, but there are fluorescent colors as well.


It can be dropped straight to the point, and its shape makes it difficult for weights and roots to get caught. This is the most recommended trick for beginners.


The Blur is a device with a needle attached directly below a curved flat weight. It is very similar to burakuri, but while burakuri falls straight to a point, burakuri falls fluttering like leaves on a tree.


Blur has a higher appeal, but it has the advantage of being easier to root.


The trunk tsuki device is a device in which two to three branch needles extend from the main thread and a weight is attached to the bottom of the main thread. It has a very high appeal because it can attach multiple baits and the branch needles move fluffy.


On the other hand, it also has the disadvantage that it has multiple needles, making it easy to root.

3 ways to prevent traps when fishing with holes

In hole fishing, the roots of the bait are inseparable, but you want to reduce them as much as possible. What countermeasures are there?

1. Adjust the length of Harris

If the length of the haris at the branch needle is too long, it will move differently from the main thread with the weight attached, which will cause it to become entangled.


At points where rooting occurs frequently, reducing the length of the Harris will prevent the device from spreading and reduce rooting.

2. Adjust the weight of the weight

It is important to adjust the weight of the weight depending on the water depth at the point and the speed of the current.

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If you use light weights in deep water or currents, they will easily be washed away and become entangled in surrounding obstacles.


Choose a weight that will allow you to reach the bottom firmly.

3. Change the type of needle

Root fish generally have large mouths, so their hooks are often large, but this also makes it easier for them to get entangled.


If avoiding roots is important to you, we recommend a nemuri needle or half-nemuri needle with the tip of the needle pointing slightly inward.


Since the tips of the needles are not straight, they are very effective in avoiding rooting.


Let's make your own hole fishing device!

It is also possible to make your own hole fishing equipment. If it's a simple device like a bra, you can make it using the following materials, so give it a try.


Make your own arrangements and aim to improve your fishing results.

What you need to make your own device

Check out the tools you will need when making your own contraption.


We recommend a hollow weight with a hole in the middle or a barrel-shaped weight with a hook. You may want to try changing the color to suit yourself.


We recommend a thick nylon line that cannot be easily cut by roots or fish teeth. If you have a size 2 or 3, you will be able to catch most root fish.


Use larger scorpionfish needles or seigo needles, or if you want to avoid getting stuck in the roots, use nemuri needles.

Swivel (Sarkhan)

If you use a hollow weight, add swivels at the top and bottom. By doing so, it will be easier to replace the Harris immediately if it breaks.

rubber tube

In the case of hollow weights, it is also recommended to attach rubber tubes to the top and bottom. Although it is not necessary, the rubber tube has the role of flipping it when it is about to get caught on an obstacle.


You can also try attaching beads or sparkling beads to the needles as an arrangement. You can appeal to fish with colors and sounds.


All you have to do is assemble it using the materials listed above. Try making your own using commercially available devices as a reference.


Use different hole fishing devices and get good fishing results!

Inventing hole fishing tricks

Source: FISH PARADISE! Editorial department

The trap for ice fishing is very simple, but if you pay attention to things like the color of the weight and the shape of the weight hook, it can be very profound and interesting. First, try out various types of tackle and find one that is easy for you and your fishing spot.


If you use them properly, you will be able to greatly reduce the number of hooks and get good fishing results. And if you start making your own tackle, you may already be an expert at ice fishing!

Enjoy hole fishing!

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