3 tips to increase catches with flatfish fishing! Let's take advantage of the flatfish's habits!

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How many flounder can you catch with flatfish fishing?

How many flatfish can be caught in flatfish fishing?

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Flatfish is a general term for fish belonging to the flatfish family of the flatfish order, and about 100 species have been confirmed in the world. It is basically a northern fish, and in Japan there are many inhabiting the seas near Hokkaido and Tohoku, and you can catch various types such as flathead flounder, marbled flounder, stone flounder, starry flounder, sandy flounder, sowachi, and blackhead flounder. In the Kanto region and southwards, there are generally two species that can be targeted by fishing: marbled flounder and stone flounder.

Time and time zone for flatfish fishing


The season for flatfish fishing is from late autumn to early spring when they come ashore for the spawning season. It is the exact opposite season of kiss fishing, which has similar points and fishing methods, so many anglers enjoy the whole year by switching between flatfish fishing and kiss fishing each season. The best times to catch them are early in the morning and early in the evening, but you can catch them during the day or at night as long as you catch a group.

Points to aim for in flatfish fishing

Points to aim for in flatfish fishing

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Flatfish hide themselves in the sand and prey on benthic animals such as lugworms, flatfish and crustaceans in the sand. Therefore, the point you are aiming for in fishing is premised on a sandy bottom, but the probability of encountering flatfish increases at points where the seabed is undulating or where rocks and seaweed are scattered. In addition to standard spots such as sandy beaches (surf) and fishing ports, flatfish can be caught well in estuaries where bait is abundant. It is similar to the point of kiss fishing, so if you can catch kiss in summer, there is a high possibility that you can catch flounder at the same point in winter.


How to fish for flatfish: Throwing fishing

Classic throwing fishing for flatfish fishing

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Casting is the most common method of fishing for flatfish. Since flounder is not a fish that swims around, it is effective to cast a bait to search a wide area.


Long castability is important for flounder fishing, so a rod of about 4m and a load of 25 to 30 is suitable. Use a PE line around No. 1 for the road thread, or nylon for No. 3, and tie a strength thread from No. 3 to No. 12 first. It is best to use a reel dedicated to throwing fishing, but you can use it even if it is not a dedicated model as long as it can wind a line of about 200m.

shimano holiday surf spin

Daiwa Windsurf

Duel Hardcore X8

Gosen Tapered Line Power Thread


For flounder fishing, the gimmick is tied to a jet balance or a floating balance of about 25 to 30. If there are 2 or 3 needles, the bite will be better. The gimmick can be easily started by using a commercially available one.

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Peregrine Falcon Throwing Master Fire Red Flatfish

Kiss, flounder throwing device 2 burrs


How to catch flatfish: Boat fishing

Flatfish fishing is offshore

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For flatfish fishing, boat fishing is also effective, as you can directly attack the point where the flatfish are. It's also nice that you can enjoy it all year round unlike Okappari.


In addition to the flatfish exclusive model, you can use a boat rod with a weight load of about 50. It should be around 2m in length, which is easy to handle, and should be in good condition. The reel is a double-axis reel of No. 100 to 200, and it is enough to wind PE1.5 about 100m. To prevent line breaks due to root slippage, tie a No. 5 fluorocarbon around the end of the PE as a leader.

Alpha Tackle Funetsu Flatfish

Pro Trust Seiha Flatfish

Abu Garcia Bluemax ship

Daiwa Light Game ICV

Yamatoyo Tegus Fluoro Shock Leader No. 5


For flounder boat fishing, we use single balances and floating balances with weights of 40 to 50. As with throwing fishing, there are many commercially available gimmicks. After all, it is better to have 2 or 3 needles.

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Peregrine falcon boat kiss boat kiss flounder gomoku

Gamakatsu Nano Ship Flounder Mechanism


bait for flatfish fishing

As bait for flatfish fishing, it is common to use Aoisome, which is the standard bait for throwing fishing. If you add a tuft of blue-eyed tuna to the needles and increase the presence of the bait, it will be easier for the flatfish to find it. It's a little expensive, but it's more effective when used with Iwaisome. Yumushi is also famous as the best bait for flatfish fishing. If you have resistance to raw bait, you can use power isome or sand worm.

Marukyu Power Isome

gulp sandworm

Flatfish fishing tips

By being conscious of some tricks in flatfish fishing, you can greatly extend the catch.

Let's move diligently!

Flatfish have a habit of approaching in response to sound and vibration, so move the device frequently to lure them in. In the case of throwing fishing, the bait is rusted to drag the bottom, and in boat fishing, the weight is hit on the seabed to actively attract the flounder. It is important to make the flatfish aware of the presence of food.

Actively appeal with flashy tricks!

In flounder fishing, it is good to move the gimmicks as mentioned above to appeal, but it is really effective to simply make the gimmicks stand out. Use beads, reflectors, chemi-lights, etc. to make the device as flashy as possible to lure out the flounder!

Let's remember the point where the first fish was caught!

Flatfish basically act in groups, so once you catch one, you will often continue to catch it at the same point. Therefore, you can increase your fishing results by firmly grasping the point where you caught the flounder first.

Let's eat delicious flatfish that we caught!

Flatfish fishing Let's eat the caught flatfish deliciously!

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When it comes to flatfish, the standard dishes are deep-fried for small ones and simmered for large ones, but freshly caught flatfish can also be enjoyed as sashimi. You can also taste engawa unique to flatfish. It is also suitable for sake steaming, grilling with salt, dried fish, and meuniere, so if you catch a lot of flatfish, it would be interesting to try various things. Flatfish lose their freshness relatively slowly, but if you want to eat them more deliciously, it is still recommended to carefully remove the blood from each one.

Master throwing fishing with flatfish fishing!

Master throwing fishing with flatfish fishing!


Of course, flatfish can be caught in places that can be reached with a short throw, but it is best to cast as far as possible and explore a wide range. Flatfish fishing covers the basics of throwing fishing, such as long-distance castability, tackles and gimmicks, and how to invite. Mastering flounder fishing is also connected to mastering throwing fishing. Let's start flounder fishing and become a throwing fishing master!

What are the basics of flatfish fishing?