Features and lineup of all items in the Jigpara series! Conquer the jig game!

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Jigpara is Major Craft's signature lure!

Conquer the jigging game with the jig para series

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Jigpara is a lure series released by Major Craft, a famous rod manufacturer, and includes a wide range of metal lures such as metal jigs.


We have a very rich lineup to suit various styles such as shore jigging, jigging, and light games, and are used by many anglers as inexpensive and cost-effective lures.


What kind of fish can you catch at Jigpara?

With the Jigpara series, you can aim for anything from blue fish to flounder and sea bass!

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Jigpara's targets are very wide. With shore jigging, you can target blue fish, sea bass, flounder, rockfish, dolphin fish, etc. With offshore jigging, you can target blue fish, cutlassfish, red sea bream, grouper, etc. With light game, you can target horse mackerel, rockfish, barracuda, plated fish, small blue fish, etc.


Use different types of jigpara depending on the field you are using and the fish you are targeting.

Jig Para Short is a standard product for shore jigging!

Jig para short is a great staple for shore jigging!

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Jigpara short is very popular as a standard lure for shore jigging. The weight ranges from 20g to 60g in 10g increments, and there is a wide variety of colors.


Since the body is asymmetrical, it is easy to grip the water, and the swimming start is smooth and effective for attracting fish. The center of gravity can be made to fall naturally with center balance. It has low pulling resistance and is characterized by being less tiring even when used for long periods of time.


Jigpara TG made of high-density tungsten material

Jigpara TG is a high specific gravity jig made of tungsten material.

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By using tungsten material, this model has a high specific gravity and a fast fall speed, making it possible to conquer deeper waters and areas with fast currents.


In addition, the silhouette can be made to look smaller, minimizing the pressure on the target and increasing the chances of getting a bite. With a wide range of weights ranging from 10 to 120g, it can be used in a variety of situations.

What are the features and popular colors of Jigpara TG?

How to use jigpara TG and popular colors! What are the advantages of tungsten materials?

June 1, 2021

Violent appeal with jig para blade

Jig para blade covers a wide range from light game to blue game.

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Jigpara blade is a vibration model of the Jigpara series. It is a so-called iron plate type vibe, and half of the body is plate-shaped, giving it excellent flight distance and more intense action.


We have a wide range of lineups, from micro types of 3, 5, and 7g to 14, 18, 23, 27, 35, 42, and 50g, so you can use them according to your needs. Suitable for light games such as plating and barracuda, as well as blue fish for shore jigging.

Compare all 7 jig para blade lineups! From large blue fish to rockfish!

April 12, 2020

Jig para throw that is useful for shore throws

Capture low activity fish with jig para throw

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Jig Para Slow is a model specialized for slow jigging, especially shore slow from land. The lineup includes 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60g. It is effective on low activity fish with a fluttering fall like fallen leaves.


The center of gravity is designed to be closer to the rear, so it has excellent flight distance and fall speed, making it easier to approach the target point. In addition to the standard targets of bluefish, sea bass, and flat fish, you can also catch light targets such as black sea bream.

Shore jig with jig para slow!

What is the proper use of the color and size of the jig para throw? Vegetables and root fish are all available!

March 23, 2020

Jig Para Surf is a flying lure specializing in flounder and flatfish!

Magochi from the surf with Jig Para Surf

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This metal jig is perfect for targeting flounder and flatfish, as it swims well and shows off just by throwing and retrieving. It is designed with two treble hooks attached like a plug, and will respond well to the bites that are often seen on flounder, which bite from below.


Of course, it can also be used for hitting blue fish, making it a very useful lure to have on hand. The weight is 28g/35g/40g, making it the perfect lineup for use in casting.

About Jigparasurf

Flat capture with jig para surf! What about different sizes and colors?

April 11, 2020

Jigpara also has a wide range of other lineups!

Jigpara has various models other than those introduced above. I will briefly introduce each of them.

jigpara micro

Jigpara Micro is available in six weights: 1.5, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 15g, and is suitable for targeting rockfish and root fish from the shore in shallow areas to some depth.


The 1.5g has a front hook system only, the 3 and 5g have a rear treble, and the 7, 10, and 15g have both front and rear treble. There are also a variety of real bait colors that have high feeding power, and are useful even in tough conditions.


Furthermore, you can increase your fishing results by using it properly with Jigpara Micro Slim, which is slender and does not put pressure on the target.

jig para jet

Among the Jig Para series, this is a metal jig with a rear center of gravity designed with an emphasis on flight distance. It can be cast quite far even with a light force, making it a strong ally for shore jigging, where you have to repeatedly cast throughout the day.


The weight lineup is 20, 30, and 40g, and baits with a smaller silhouette are especially suitable for the main location.

jig para spin

Jigpara spin tail type Jigpara spin is available in 3, 5, 7, 18, 25, 30, and 40g. For types over 18g, the blade is attached to the rear hook and boasts high hooking performance. In addition, the body is equipped with a structure called torpedo fin, which reduces line entanglement during falls.

Jig Para Semi-long

Jig Para Semi-Long comes in weights of 40, 50, and 60g, and is a model intended for use in shore jigging. It is slightly longer than the Jig Para Short and features a wide slide action. There are 17 color variations.

jigpara wind

The "Jig Para Wind" is also very popular as it is a wind game that is effective for cutlassfish and sea bass. The starter kit includes everything, so even beginners can use it with confidence.


You can also purchase separately sold worms (pintail type and shad tail type), trailer hooks to ensure hooking of short bites, and wire short leaders to prevent breakage caused by hairtail fish's sharp teeth.You can change the settings according to your preference. You can go.


jig para vertical

The "Jig Paravertical", which is very useful for offshore jigging, is also an excellent metal jig. Let's take a look at each model.


jig para vertical short

Jig Para Vertical Short is a convenient model that can be used in a variety of situations. Whether it's a simple winding or one pitch, it will firmly grab the water and appeal to the target.

jig para vertical long

"Jig Para Vertical Long" is a long type metal jig that is especially effective for hairtail patterns. It features a wide slide that allows you to create a solid gap between feedings. In addition, it drains water very well, so it is possible to take effective action with minimal force.

Jig Para Vertical Long Throw

The "Jig Para Vertical Long Throw" is a perfect model for slow jigging to target blue fish and large root fish. The shape has excellent drainage, so even when jerking in deep places, there is little pulling resistance and it is possible to act easily.

jig paravertical slow pitch

This is a metal jig that matches red sea bream and root fish lurking in the deep water, as well as large blue fish. The characteristic of the jig is that the distance it moves during jerking is extremely small, allowing you to carefully show the target and lure it at the right point.

Jig Para Vertical Ikanago

This metal jig is designed to closely imitate the unique movement of sand eel, and is very useful for sand eel patterns. This is a reliable model that accurately reproduces everything from continuous short jerk action to natural swaying action with just winding.

jig para shore jigi sabiki

The “Jig Para Shore Jigisabiki” is also popular because it allows you to easily target a variety of fish species. It has the ability to appeal to a wide range with a jig and reliably feed small blue fish that approach with a sabiki.


Sabiki's hook sizes are S (#9), M (#11), and L (#13), and a set of 2 Sabiki hooks and a "jig set" that also includes a metal jig are also released.


jig para head

Jig Para Head, a jig head for targeting rockfish and horse mackerel, comes in a weight lineup of 0.6 to 3g, and you can choose between dirt type and swim type. Equipped with an original hook made by a craftsman, it has excellent hooking ability.


In addition, this jigpara head has an "Ajing style" that is specialized for jig, a round-shaped "octo head" that creates a smooth movement, and a "Jigpara head bunda" that is effective for targeting pheasant grouper and mackerel in shore and boat games. ” and other derivative products are also on sale, boasting a wide variety of variations.

jig para assist hook

The Jigpara series also includes assist hooks, which are essential for jigging. The standard "Jig Para Assist Hook" with excellent stabbing can be selected from the lineup of SS, S, M, L, and LL.


In addition, "JP Assist~Glitter~" which has a strong appeal with its glittering holographic film, "JP Assist~Sabahi~" which has an outstanding fish-attracting effect due to the use of mackerel skin, and furthermore, it can be attached to the rear of a metal jig. Special assist hooks are also available in single type and double type.

Live bait colors are popular for Jigpara!

In many models of the Jigpara series, live bait color” has been released one after another. The Jig Para series has been producing remarkable fishing results even with the conventional color, but this color was created to produce even more realistic small fish and increase the number of bites.


It's so realistic that it's almost bait, and it's coated with Keimura coating, which makes it extremely appealing, making it possible to attack areas where light can't reach easily.

Enjoy the jigging game with Jigpara!

Big things you haven't seen yet with Jigpara

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Jigpara allows you to enjoy a wide range of salt jigging games. There are also specialized models such as Jig Para Surf and Jig Para Wind, which can be used in the style of your preference.


It's also nice that the weights are divided into small parts, so you can use them depending on the situation. It can be used in a variety of situations, so I highly recommend having one on hand!

Conquer the jigging game with the jig para series