18 recommended polarized glasses! How to choose for fishing applications?

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The role of polarized glasses in fishing

Role of polarized glasses

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Polarized glasses are often used outdoors, but what role do they play when used for fishing?

Makes it easier to see underwater

Polarized glasses reduce reflected light from the surface of the water and make it easier to see underwater. As a result, you can check the appearance of the fish in the water, and you can efficiently go around the points. In addition, by observing the movement of the fish, it is possible to grasp whether or not they are eating and the range in which they are swimming. In addition, you can check the shape of the bottom and the presence of obstacles, making it easier to avoid rooting and attack points.

protect your eyes

Polarized glasses protect your eyes not only from direct sunlight but also from glare from the surface of the water. The reflection is surprisingly strong, and if you continue to stare at the surface of the water with your bare eyes, you may damage your eyes. In addition, you can prevent physical accidents such as the lure flying when you try to remove the root and pulling the hook.

How to choose polarized glasses

How to choose polarized glasses


Consider the following points when choosing polarized glasses:

Degree of polarization/visible light transmittance

The degree of polarization is an indicator of how much light can be shut out. The higher the degree of polarization, the more light can be blocked, but at the same time the field of view becomes darker. Therefore, when fishing, it is better to choose a fishing rod with a relatively high visible light transmittance that only allows visible light to pass through. Note that if the visible light transmittance is too high, it will become too bright and the polarized glasses will lose their meaning. As a guideline, the ideal performance should be a degree of polarization of 90% or higher and a visible light transmittance of 30%.


Polarized glasses can be roughly divided into three types: sunglasses type, over glasses type, and clip type. The sunglasses type has the same shape as ordinary sunglasses and is worn with the naked eye. The overglass type has protruding lenses and can be worn over glasses. The clip type has no frame and is a lens type that is attached to glasses or sunglasses. Prescription lenses are also available for polarized glasses, so choose the type of polarized glasses you use and your vision.

lens color

Polarized glasses have a slightly different appearance depending on the color of the lens. When choosing the color according to the weather, blue, brown, and gray colors are good for sunny days when the light is bright, and green and yellow colors are suitable for rainy or cloudy conditions where the amount of light is low. Also, if you choose by topography, you can see the water more clearly in the red color in places where rocks and sand stand out, and the green color in places where the green color such as aquatic plants stands out.


18 recommended polarized glasses

There are various types of polarized glasses, but what kind of products are actually available? Here are some recommended polarized glasses.

Shimano Fishing Glass PC HG-078L

Shimano Actezza R

Daiwa TLX 004

Daiwa DO-4022H

Rapala Sightgear SC

timco site master

gun craft kissing eye

Zeal Optics Capri

Zeal Optics Stealth

Takamiya HB concept polarized glasses


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Swans Airless Leaf Fit

LSD design small face

Stormrider Cover Glass DX

Ax polarized over glasses

coleman polarized sunglasses

elesse polarized sunglasses

ferry polarized lens

Duduma polarized lenses

Improve your fishing performance with polarized glasses!

Try polarized glasses

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In fishing, it is very important to check the state of the water. By using polarized glasses, you can grasp the range where the fish are at that time, behavior patterns, etc., and you can always apply the best approach. Whether you have never used polarized glasses or have used them regularly, using better quality polarized glasses will definitely improve your fishing performance.

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